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Welcome to! Here we have collected more than 6,000 parts for Volvo and only Volvo. Spare parts, styling, and accessories - with us you will find most things for most Volvo models. Once you get to know us, you will discover our passion for Volvo, and of course for all Volvo owners.


With almost 20 years of experience in selling and manufacturing parts for Volvo, a lot has happened, but the vision has always been the same: To be the world's nicest web shop for Volvo owners.

It all started around the turn of the millennium when Vpart's founder Daniel Blomqvist sought creative solutions for manufacturing parts that could not be found elsewhere, glass and lenses that had been discontinued. The dream of being able to afford to buy the then completely new and revolutionary Volvo XC70-01 was what just then started the entrepreneurship in earnest. What would later result in the start-up Vparts AB and ...

During the first years, the production was small-scale, but the rumor about the parts and their high quality spread. Flattering challenges sometimes came, such as when Koenigsegg got in touch and needed help with the manufacture of headlight lenses for the CCX. Vacuum forming (as opposed to casting) turned out to be a better option for them, but fun with a receipt that the standard of the parts was coveted. With increased self-confidence, Vparts surged on with an enthusiasm and drive that still permeates the company today.


Today, the number of parts has increased significantly. The passion and interest in everything related to Volvo continues to ignite the zeal to live up to the vision of being the world's nicest online shop for Volvo owners. Now with even more parts, for more models and for even more Volvo owners! And as Daniel himself expresses about the feeling for where Vparts is today and the thoughts for the future:

"More fun than ever before. Today we are many at the company who help and push on with different knowledge. Good contacts with suppliers also open up for interesting products in the future, and it is something to enjoy - when we can manufacture and design gadgets we ourselves want (and of course wish lists from our customers) .But what perhaps feels best is that we have managed to keep the personal feeling and closeness towards our customers, despite the fact that we are growing and getting bigger. And we will always be part of the Volvo community We will never sell parts to other cars, we can promise that! "


When you need parts for your Volvo, we deliver - fast!. That is why we have made a promise; if you order before 15.30 (CET) we will send your order the same day. Always!

To make this possible we aim to have all parts in stock. We work daily to improve the logistics from our suppliers and with our range so that all products go through our quality requirements. To clarify our vision of high quality, we also offer a guarantee on all our parts.


Your experience when shopping at Vparts and parts satisfaction is everything to us. If you have any questions, ideas or thoughts on products you are missing or just want some good Volvo snack, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you!

Feel free to get in touch with us via social media and watch helpful installation videos on our website and our Vparts Garage Youtube channel! Look out for us at Volvo meets all over Sweden and beyond, we love to see your cars and meet customers.

We have over 30 Volvo cars in our garage (not counting staff's own cars) and we use these for testing parts as well as featuring them in our installation videos.

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