Mass air flow sensor for Volvo 960

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Mass Air flow sensors. In order for these mass air flow sensors to fit on your car, verify that the Bosch/original number on the flow sensor in your engine is the same as the number we provide here.

If these numbers are not the same the Sensors will not fit.


  • Volvo 960, 3,0 91-93, B204FT Bosch no.: 0280213012, for cars without a catalytic converter.


Replaces original part number: 3517569

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The purpose of the Mass Air Flow Sensors in a Volvo is exactly what one would expect from a product with this name - to calculate how much air intake the motor has. In the Mass Air Flow Sensor there are small metal threads placed that are warmed electronically, and cools down depending on the amount of air is flowing through the motor. Your Volvo measures how much electricity is required to hold the threads warm. In this way, the motor can judge and compensate fuel consumption based on the information

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