Function Extender Programmable for the Volvo S60, V70, XC70, XC90, 05-

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New version with even more features CFE-Plus.
This great canbus genius brings more features to your Volvo. Although these features might have been planned for your Volvo, they may never have been activated at the factory.
This Function Extender communicates with your Volvo’s canbus system and activates several new clever features.

The connection to the system can be made easily. All that is left is for you to run through and discover all the new things you can do with your Volvo.
If in the future you change Volvo, or else want to try it out on a friend’s car, just pull out the Can-bus extension from the ODB socket and use it on the other Volvo.
If you want to make changes, you just reprogram it on your PC. 

This product only works with the year models listed below. 


  • Volvo S60 05-09, all models
  • Volvo V70 05-07, all models
  • Volvo XC70 05-07, all models
  • Volvo XC90 05-11, all models


The package includes:

  • Module for super-simple connection in ODB socket.
  • Docking station with USB connector for programming 



  • Direct via ODB socket, no other cables.
  • Very easy installation, 15 seconds.
  • Uninstall by removing from the socket.
  • Dimensions of product: 55 x 30 x35 mm
  • Requires programming before use.


Price per unit.

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Potential unlockable features:

  • Fog lights and reversing lights come on when you press the yellow button on the key fob.
  • Comfort indicators, blink at least X times.
  • Side windows are raised when you lock the car remotely.
  • Rear view mirrors fold in when you lock the car remotely. (provided there is electricity reflected on the car)
  • Sun roof closes when you lock the car.
  • Rear view mirrors fold out when you turn ignition on. (provided there is electricity reflected on the car)
  • Read the battery voltage on the trip computer’s display.
  • Read the kuåé temperature in the trip computer display.
  • Read the car’s speed and rotation speed in the trip computer display.
  • The meters hit the full stop and go back to start. (very nice effect)
  • Welcome text at startup
  • Read how much of fuel there is left on the trip computer’s display.
  • Acceleration test 0-100km/h
  • Remote start of diesel heater when the "light button" is pressed three times.
  • Read and delete error codes.
  • Automatically start seat heating and heating in the back window.
  • Read temperature on haldex.
  • Locks all doors and boot lid when the car reaches 9 mph
  • Unlocks all doors if a front door is opened
  • Decreases volume when you change into reverse.
  • Angles down mirrors when loading the slopes
  • Resets mirrors when doors are locked (over 15km/h)
  • Closes the sun roof when the car is locked
  • Opens the roof and windows when the "unlock" is held down for 3 seconds.
  • Exit lighting with reversing light if battery is above 11V
  • Exit lighting with reversing light when pressed "unlock"  
  • Enables fog lights to be lit together wiht the main beam.
  • Displays the selected gear (automatic only)
  • Displays parking sensor (if parking sensor is available)
  • Choose if seat heating should start automatically at the selected temperature.
  • Choose if mirrors/rear window heating should start automatically at the selected temperature.


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